octubre 06, 2010


When i begin to feel important things for another person, like a couple, i mean; it's kinda shocking to me, cos of it's hard to me to express and to reveal my true colors to people, even if they r trying to see them hardly. I guess i'll have just to let it go like it is, and watch what happens, i hope not to get too bruised this time.

agosto 30, 2010


To feel nothing is weird.

agosto 21, 2010


How far can ur EGO put u apart from whom u love?
What does it feel when you are begin pushed
away by the EGO of someone else, and u realize that?
Where is gonna be me if i let my EGO take over me?
Who is my EGO?

agosto 17, 2010


Who do I run of on my dreams? Would it be some sort of selfly thing? That's the first thing i came up when i thought about it. If i'm escaping from myself, then it should mean i gotta change something, well i always have known that, but what does that bossy, charming, yet gorgeous girl that opens up her legs to me? And what did i had to do? Fuck her? Runaway? By the way i felt weird even several hours after waking up... if i really woke up, i mean.


I kind of decided I won't let anyone else into my life, not even think about it, i'll just close up my feelings and heart, and try to be myself, but alone, like i was born. I'm sorta tired of deception, and it's all my fault, so... here is when i start (or try to) my ice heart state.

agosto 01, 2010

Feelings Folder

Sometimes I'd love to have a folder or even a whole file with my feelings arranged by date, hour and alphabetically. Maybe it could help me to know how to react properly netx time. Maybe i'll figure out one.

-Feeling(s): Eagerness, Dissapointment, self-hatred.
-Date: Today.
-Hour: Now.

julio 30, 2010


Too much hyperness might lead you to a higher state of clarity, or instead of that, just to a great dissapiontment, but i'm aiming for the first thing. I don't know why i feel so good if this feeling is not much new to me, but maybe the circumstances have made me more naive and lesser careful of showing myself to Him, to others indeed; i'm learning to open my heart and trying not to get hurt.

julio 28, 2010

Could I?

Not much times a month I feel like this... but now I feel like my heart's gonna escape through my mouth... in eagerness. I just feel fine, and eager. It kind of freaks me out (in a good way i mean) and i just want to keep it going like this... it just came up naturally, like i didn't force it at all but i still put on it my very efforts. I like the way everything just happens and how He makes it happen as well... maybe I ARE jus dreaming around, but i feel right today.

julio 04, 2010

Regret Amoeba


junio 06, 2010


Sometimes i feel that i have so much to do yet, but i really don't want to do it all alone, like i have done already. I'd like to really like somebody, to make him or her loved and cared of... and not just like a friendship, i are dummy, i know, but i guess if i hope it, sooner or later it'll happen. Or not (?)'.

abril 07, 2010

Me siento con ganas de sentir, con ganas de querer, de demostrar, amar, volar, saltar, odiar, celar, guardar, abrazar, saber, cuidar, ver, flotar, hablar, absorber, dedicar, crear, prolongar, extender, escrutar, recorrer, compartir.
Tengo ganas de no tener ganas de nada. Preferiría no sentir, no querer, no demostrar, no amar, no volar, no saltar, no odiar, no celar, no guardar, no abrazar, no saber, no cuidar, no ver, no flotar, no hablar, no absorber, no dedicar, no crear, no prolongar, no extender, no escrutar, no recorrer, no compartir.

Ojalá pudiera no poder.

febrero 11, 2010


Me gustaría poder escojer cuándo acordarme de las cosas y cuándo no, o al menos ser más tonto, para no tener que pensar y divagar tanto.

febrero 03, 2010


azar unknown emoción adventure nuevo hologram destino absolute nada universe complejo awkward uno-mismo foe alma spirit libre society jaula bird pez-koi improvement perfecto subjective sugestión third-eye real clear sincero white gris black lobo fox comadreja cold nieve pine escalar descend infierno heaven solsticio summer otoño favorite incienso cinnamon comida exit cine glasses escalera dry-throat puntada dress noche nonsense.

enero 08, 2010

ida y vuelta

En ciertas ocasiones, siento que el transcurso de mi vida es como un péndulo que va y vuelve, aunque preferiría que ese ir y venir de situaciones, sentimientos y lugares, pudiera ser menos fugaz, así no terminaría tan inestable luego de cada momentum.