julio 30, 2010


Too much hyperness might lead you to a higher state of clarity, or instead of that, just to a great dissapiontment, but i'm aiming for the first thing. I don't know why i feel so good if this feeling is not much new to me, but maybe the circumstances have made me more naive and lesser careful of showing myself to Him, to others indeed; i'm learning to open my heart and trying not to get hurt.

julio 28, 2010

Could I?

Not much times a month I feel like this... but now I feel like my heart's gonna escape through my mouth... in eagerness. I just feel fine, and eager. It kind of freaks me out (in a good way i mean) and i just want to keep it going like this... it just came up naturally, like i didn't force it at all but i still put on it my very efforts. I like the way everything just happens and how He makes it happen as well... maybe I ARE jus dreaming around, but i feel right today.

julio 04, 2010

Regret Amoeba