agosto 30, 2010


To feel nothing is weird.

agosto 21, 2010


How far can ur EGO put u apart from whom u love?
What does it feel when you are begin pushed
away by the EGO of someone else, and u realize that?
Where is gonna be me if i let my EGO take over me?
Who is my EGO?

agosto 17, 2010


Who do I run of on my dreams? Would it be some sort of selfly thing? That's the first thing i came up when i thought about it. If i'm escaping from myself, then it should mean i gotta change something, well i always have known that, but what does that bossy, charming, yet gorgeous girl that opens up her legs to me? And what did i had to do? Fuck her? Runaway? By the way i felt weird even several hours after waking up... if i really woke up, i mean.


I kind of decided I won't let anyone else into my life, not even think about it, i'll just close up my feelings and heart, and try to be myself, but alone, like i was born. I'm sorta tired of deception, and it's all my fault, so... here is when i start (or try to) my ice heart state.

agosto 01, 2010

Feelings Folder

Sometimes I'd love to have a folder or even a whole file with my feelings arranged by date, hour and alphabetically. Maybe it could help me to know how to react properly netx time. Maybe i'll figure out one.

-Feeling(s): Eagerness, Dissapointment, self-hatred.
-Date: Today.
-Hour: Now.